Illinois CDL Test QuestionsIllinois CDL Test Questions

Trucking accidents in the United States claim at least 5, 000 lives annually. Over the last ten years, trucking accidents involving large vehicles have increased by about ten percent. In Illinois, 6,000 large truck crashes were reported in 2006. About 2,000 cases of large truck crashes resulted in injuries and 150 crashes resulted in fatalities.

In Illinois, excessive speeding is the main reason why there is a high number of truck accidents. There is a high chance of an accident due to truck’s large blind spots and when small cars are going on fast speed and swerving in and out of traffic. Usually, if cars attempt to pass the truck, the truck might hit the car if it were in its blind spots and might result in a fatal accident where the car ends up underneath the truck. Trucking accidents either result in serious injury or serious death.

The accident might be magnified if the truck that is involved in an accident contains hazardous and volatile materials, such as oil. One way to lessen or avoid these devastating and catastrophic results of truck accidents is the strict observance of truck drivers and truck companies of trucking laws. Trucking laws protect citizens from truck accidents.

Trucking laws are passed to promote safety as these laws require truck companies and truck drivers to comply with strict standards. Truck accidents usually occur when violations of these laws are made. Basically, trucking laws set different standards and regulations relating to the following: * License standards for commercial drivers. * Prevention of alcohol and substance abuse * Driver qualifications/driver requirements * Number of work hours for drivers * Driving of commercial motor vehicles * Inspection, repair and maintenance compliance of tractor-trailer In Illinois, the Illinois Department of Public Safety has adopted some parts of the federal regulations. Here are the provisions that affect trucks operating in the state.

Driver qualification- Illinois has adopted Part 391 of the Federal Regulation with some exceptions, such as the minimum limit on the age of commercial operator which is 18, rather than 21. Illinois law also allows insulin dependent diabetics and drivers with vision problem to drive if they have been driving prior to July 29th, 1986.

Number of working hours- Part 395 of the Federal Regulations has been adopted with some exceptions, such as driver’s exemption from duty status recording if he is within a 150-air-mile radius of the normal work reporting location, In addition, agricultural activities of motor vehicles are exempt from the hours of service requirements in times of planting and harvesting season. Illinois CDL Test These are usually the areas governed by trucking laws. In recent news, Government Pat Quinn approved a new law permitting trucks to travel 65 miles per hour in 2010. Currently, the state allows truck drivers to go as high as 55 miles per hour on the road. In the United States, at least 40 states now allow truckers to drive at higher speeds than 55 miles per hour.

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